Creative Branding, Illustration & Photography 

What a blast this was...

The brief was simple: create artwork for a compilation titled "Machines Have Eyes" with a vintage sci-fi look. I started with the idea of a 50's style sci-fi eyeball and without AI tools, I then spent several hours in Photoshop sourcing and adjusting images/layers to build out a scene. I love this process because it's visually unpredictable, and I never fully know what it will end up looking like.

I've known Mark Pember, aka Meat Katie, for over 15 years (since the days of Lot49 & Sumo Cardiff), and we just clicked creatively, collaborating ever since. While this project is a reflection of Mark and the music he loves, I appreciate the freedom he gives me to expand on his ideas (no matter how twisted). 

Available to buy at Beatport