Creative Branding, Illustration & Photography 

In The Music offers a range of t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies inspired by music you all love and know.

Where streetwear and club-wear collide you’ll find In The Music – a range of design-focused t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies inspired by decades of the club music you know and love. The brand’s mission is to work with local companies to source high quality, environmentally-friendly materials with a low carbon footprint. Every garment is screen printed by hand, using water-based inks on organic cotton – no compromise on quality.

Photography By Matthew Miles
In The Music Logo
In The Music’s range is based on unique designs, each one a nod to experiences where music transcends and takes you somewhere else. Music shapes who you are, it’s a time machine linking you to your memories. We want to take you back to some of the best moments of your life.

Born from years of experience in dance music, the creative idea of Dave Mills – a DJ and promoter from South Wales for over 20 years. Dave promoted the long-running and award-winning Cool House in Cardiff, bringing the biggest names in house music to the Welsh capital. 

In The Music is as relevant now as it ever was: music is escapism, music is a shared experience, music unites. Now you can look sharp, feel nostalgic, and be part of something special.

It’s been great working with Dave on many aspects of the business fromtargetted advertising & marketing, through to the branding, clothing designs and photography. I’m excited to be part of this venture and see where it takes us. I mean who doesnt love music right?